Gallery Wall Layout Solutions

From my perspective, gallery walls should capture your imagination and tell a story.  When we think about revealing who we are, there is nothing more telling than a gallery wall filled with family photos, or a collection of art. 

I love when a wall is an illustration of unique frames with interesting art, whether it be in pencil, color, landscapes or faces. Each one owns their statement and role in the story. When searching for art, try thinking of the color scheme you want and the story you want to tell. Then determine the gallery wall layout. Do you want a stacked, grid or salon styled arrangement? Salon arrangements have a relaxed style, while stacked and grid arrangements tend to be clean and formal. With either style, they should look and feel like a collection. If you are considering doing a family gallery wall, a grid approach always looks beautiful. [TIP] a grid approach doesn't always mean they have to be the same orientation as each row is placed. 

I put together a few traditional and non-traditional gallery wall layout solutions and frames to help you create your own unique art wall.  


Try a mix of different size and style frames using black & white prints. 

Make a statement with thick black frames in a corner space using the adjoining wall and frames hung in different orientations with coastal prints.

gallery wall solutions love my simple home




Keep it simple using three large rectangular shape frames in a single row with colorful family prints.

gallery wall ideas love my simple home


  Use twelve square frames to fill a wall.

gallery wall layouts



A formal approach to the grid layout with different frame orientations.



I love this creative idea when a frame isn't an option.

gallery wall ideas


When considering placement for a gallery wall, select a space that is in proportion to the number of frames you want to display and how you want them styled. I recommend measuring the wall first and then choosing your layout. One thing is for certain a good frame will make any gallery wall beautiful.

Use shelves if you change your artwork frequently. This way there will be less holes in your wall and you can add a plant or two to give it life. 

gallery wall solutions

Try using different style frames and sizes.

gallery wall


Willow Frame



  Wall Gallery Photo Frames

wall gallery photo frames

Thank you for reading this post and I hope I inspired you to start your own unique gallery wall. 

gallery wall layout solutions 

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